An introduction to open source, free Point of Sale software

Point of Sale or POS software is getting quite popular these days. This specific kind of software is needed for management of the financial transactions in both offline and online stores. Additionally, with good POS software, e-store owners can also handle the inventory and do many other things. According to the latest statistics, a huge number of retailers are investing a significant amount of money on expensive POS software solutions. Many of them don’t know that there are sophisticated, yet free POS software solutions designed for small businesses. In this article, we will present some of these solutions.

  1. Wanda POS

Now here’s an example of an open source and free POS software which is quite dynamic and totally independent from any platform. Users can run Wanda POS on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. With its help, you can synchronize customers and products info from POS to ERP apps. In addition, Wanda POS comes with built-in database, customizable sales screen, access to cloud technology and more.

  1. Loyverse POS

If you are looking for a completely free POS software solution designed for mobile devices, then you should give Loyverse POS a try. This is actually an application that works perfectly well on both Android and iOS devices. Besides taking care of the financial transactions, you can use it to handle the inventory, get a better view of the sales analytics, expenses, cash flow and more. As we said before, this is completely free software that works the best for small shops and stores.

  1. Unicenta

Unicenta has introduced a completely new approach in this field. Unlike Loyverse for example, it can be used by retailers regardless of their size. Many shops, restaurants, and bars are already using Unicenta. They like this solution because it allows them to add new customers in the current sale, manage the stock facility, provides different database options and more.

  1. eHopper

This is great POS software used by thousands of business owners. This free app was made for aiding small business owners to take care of their business requirements. It is worth mentioning that there is a premium version of this app that has additional features. The basic version has some very useful features too like contact management, inventory management, employee management and more.

These are some of the most successful free Point of Sale software solutions found online.

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