The 3 Best Point Of Sales Software For Small Retail Businesses And Startups in 2017

A Point of Sale system is a must-have component of any retail business in today’s cutthroat competitive marketplace. It aids to track and record daily sales, customer buying patterns, and appraise employees accurately. However, the main objective of a POS system is to ensure seamless customer experience. While the benefits of POS systems are plenty, choosing one that will fulfill the benefits mentioned above is the main challenge. We’ve made your choice easier by bringing you the 3 best POS software for small retail businesses today:

1. Lightspeed Point of Sales system

Lightspeed is best-suited for cloud-based POS enthusiasts. You can utilize it in pretty much every retail business from electronics to apparel. The good thing about Lightspeed is that it operates on any connected device such as PC, Mac, and iPad. This aspect lets all your employees to go mobile in-store. Lightspeed comes with just about any feature you would like in a POS system, including customer tracking, inventory tracking, employee tracking, CRM, wireless cash drawer, multiple vendor purchase and advanced reporting. It also seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce solutions and accounting to ensure efficient running of your business.

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2. Square Point Of Sales system

Square is probably the most popular mobile POS system out there. Its popularity is attributed to the rigorous marketing campaigns the developers are doing since a few years ago. Square POS retail software comes with a glittering range of features, including business management, sales, and inventory. It’s also available at a competitive price. What makes Square a deal breaker is that there is no monthly subscription yet it offers multiple functionalities such as inventory tracking, multi-location store management, plus an absolutely free online store.

3. Shopkeep POS retail system

This POS system is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses such as quick serve merchants and retailers. It’s a cost-effective option with a lot more features than the typical Point of Sales system. It has a straightforward user interface that explains to employees what is required to operate it. Shopkeep’s checkout register is an iPad POS, but you are able to access the store management dashboard using your desktop or laptop. The unique features of Shopkeep include sound recording that integrates with QuickBooks, detailed inventory tracking system and impressive customer database that lets you keep contact with your repeat customers.

Well, if you were wondering which the best POS systems of 2017 are, there you have them. The bottom-line is that choice of a POS system depends on the nature of your business. But, if you’re a small retail business, consider the three.

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